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The international brands under the Almac Sports banner have a unique collection, which include Motus, Revofit, X-treme, Fitlux, LifePro (Taiwan), Steelflex (USA) and Concept2 . These brands have excellent designer product ranges for all purposes. In our quest to become one of the unique and top leaders in Fitness industry, we are here to set a new bench mark amongst the World Class brands. With innovative designs and good quality, our brands speak for themselves and leave an irresistible impact, making sure that "Some thing better than the best is here now in terms of value".

"Motus is a leading Korean Brand in the Fitness and wellness industry for its top quality cardio equipment's. The machine's design and technological know-how is from U.S.; however it is wholly manufactured in Korea using top quality components to give the consumer a great workout experience. The machines have their main components manufactured from world-class leading Korean companies which are Mitsubishi (Motor), Hyundai (Inverter) and Samsung Elec-tronics (Electronic Parts).These companies would not allow Motus or its agents to use their trademarks unless Motus mettheir 'Quality Standards'. The machines are made solely in Korea and not in other countries like majority of its competitors. No other cardio equipment can boast of such powerful partnership with the market leaders in their respective fields. Leading institutions in the world prefer Motus products for their Fitness requirements due to its unmatched quality, performance and value-for-money. Not only in India, but also in Europe and USA, leading Fitness centers, hotels, institutions prefer Motus for their cardio requirements"

Revofit is leading fitness equipment provider specializing in Cardio equipment for the gym. They are manufactured in Taiwan and maintain highest quality manufacturing practices which adhere to the strictest International quality standards. They believe in fusing together the rhythm of the body to that of the machine during the workout. This helps in getting the optimum results out of the workout experience. It is one of the top selling brands in western countries.

X-Treme Fitness is one of the leading fitness equipment manufacturers who specialize in manufacturing heavy duty commercial gym equipment. Like the name suggests, these machines are made to withstand extreme workout regime of individuals who don't want to compromise on their body. These machines are demanded by the top gyms across the world for their durability, aesthetics, bio-mechanics and value for money. These machines are manufactured in Taiwan under the strictest of quality control and manufacturing practices to pass all the International Standards. These machines bring together the unique synchronisation between technology and bio-mechanics creating the highest bio-rhythm the body can enjoy from a workout.

Fitlux provides you a full range of fitness equipment covering motorized treadmills, magnetic exercise bikes, fitness racing bikes, elliptical trainers, gym equipment, rowing machine, and steppers. By following strict design standards and using only the highest quality materials combined with our extensive background in the fitness industry, we ensures excellent state-of-the-art equipment for its customers. Working with Fitlux, you have products with quality equivalent to European products but at most attractive prices. With the wealth of experience in manufacturing, know-how, expertly trained R&D team as well as highly trained product specialists/staff coupled with our sound management and passion.

"Lifepro is a leading brand of gym equipment, catering to the market demands since a quarter of a decade. It prides itself in giving its customers value-for-money by providing them top quality products with a comfortable workout experience. It provides a wide range of cardio and strength products to its clients depending on their requirements. All its products are manufactured in Taiwan and hence, they adhere to strict international quality control practices.The workout experience on these machines are designed to fuse together technology with the natural movements of an individual. The machines have advanced biomechanics for a better result from the workout. It gives the gym a touch of class and exclusivity with its unique eyecatching designs, unmistakable style and exclusive quality."

"Simple is the best.It is not a slogan-it is Steelflex's top principle. Listen to yourself, and your body, and it will tell you the correct way to build up your physical health. Exercise equipment can produce unnecessary limitations,but Steelflex insists that the user is the key; thus all exercise equipment should be of simple use for the user's action on the equipment and not restrict them. Simple is the best, and therefore Steelflex adopts the correct technology for the user in every piece of equipment that they design. Because they believe that a person's natural function of movement is the best method for their body, Steelflex products do not interfere with this functionduring the use of their equipment. Steelflex provides equipment that is comfortable, safe, and a great exercise experience. Their products not only have an outstanding design,but they are easy to use and will bring you an enjoyable experience."

"Concept2 began in 1976 in the back of a bread truck when Dick and Pete Dreissigacker, fresh from Olympic training, started making composite racing oars. Concept2 oars have since gone on to become the oar of choice among the world's rowers, and innovations continue right to the present-day. In 1981, Dick and Pete created the Concept2 Indoor Rower, which swiftly became the best-selling rowing machine in the world. Now several models later, it's used every day by Olympic athletes, cardiac rehab patients, individuals at home and every calibre of rower in-between. They have grown since those early days and our product line now includes oars, the indoor rower and the SkiErg.