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Company Overview

"The international brands under the Alamc Sports banner have a unique collection, which include MOTUS, FITLUX, X-TREME, REVOFIT, LIFEPRO, CONCEPT2 and STEELFLEX. These brands have excellent designer product ranges for all purposes. In our quest to becomes one of the unique and top leaders in Fitness industry, we are here to set a benchmark amongst the World Class brands. With innovative designs and good quality, our brands speak for themselves and leave an irresistible impact, making sure that "Some thing better than the best is here now in terms of value".

Our products have been installed around the country to become immediately recognizable to consumers with a reputation for quality and performance. We have gone to great lengths to understand the science and engineering behind a complete workout. We not only have an extensive experience in addressing the needs of the end user, butalsofor a corporate gym or any specialized requirement for that matter.

Amongst our extensive range of services, we offer expertise from designing the concept of the gym to executing the entire project. We also facilitate in all aspects of sports surfaces including indoor and outdoor Flooring of Tennis Courts, Badminton Courts, Squash Courts, Aerobic Flooring, Swimming Pool and many more.

Our management is one of the most experienced and dynamic teams in the Fitness industry, many of who have been with the company since its inception.